We are a youth Ministry, not a youth group, we are here to follow the vision of the church using our gifts, talents, skills and what ever God has given us to use to ‘Mind His business’. We minister to young and old, because all can become a child of God. We Minister in our unique youthful way letting our light shine for all to follow and gain direction by God.

We follow God to build a strong relationship with Him, in the hope that we will be with Him for eternity and that others will see His love in our lives and also want what we have (relationship).

We are here to start and finish our race.  We are here to be winners not losers, we are stronger with God instead of being alone, we are successful with God instead of relying on men, we are here to ‘Raise, Repair and Restore’, not to ‘kill, steal and destroy’.

We are CCC’s Youth Ministry.


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