The Charis Production Team is responsible for media coverage & the production and marketing of Sermon DVDs & Audio CDs for Charis Christian centre. One of this department’s main duties is to produce copywrite versions of DVDs & Audio CDs of all of Pastor Kenny’s messages at the end of all services.

The department also leads media projects for the advertising of any major events & regular announcements, Photography of events in Charis, preparation of video footage for future TV broadcast and interviews of Pastors Kenny and Dupe Adeshugba, members of Charis and guest ministers.

With the aide of advanced ICT technology we use our giftings and skills during services to display words to songs for times of Praise & Worship and also to display scriptures and Power-Point presentations for the Preacher and congregation.

It is this department’s vision to support the ministry by using the latest technology and graphics to spread the good news. As it is often said “The pen is mightier than the sword” so we aim to do this through magazines, write-ups, monthly bulletins and of course the internet.

We also aim to design graphic artwork for all departments of the ministry and are responsible for the publication and advertisement of special programmes such as Conventions and Concerts.


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