Fasting Guidelines

CHARIS Christian Centre believes in fasting. In both the old and New Testament we see a scriptural basis for fasting. Fasting has been practiced throughout the ages in church history. To start every New Year with the Lord in prayer is a wise step into victory and breakthroughs. The birth of a new child, the dawn of a new day, the start of a new year, all bring feelings of excitement, joy, hope and promise. There is an air of expectation when we put God first at the beginning of everything we do.



Whilst as a church we believe in the principles of fasting, some important guidelines should be considered before embarking on a fast. Fasting does not mean abstinence from food for the whole day, a fast can be broken at anytime of the day, provided an individual feels that they have prayed sufficiently. We would advise though that for the length of this period of the fast we commence it together as a church from the morning till a minimum of 2.00pm.



Purity of speech and living is essential during fasting (Ephesians 4:29, Colossians 3:8, 1st peter 3:10-12, Romans 12:2, 1st Peter 1:14-15). Fasting should be undertaken with a heart that is focused on God and full of compassion.



Pregnant women or people on medication should seek medical advice before embarking on a fast. Children under the age of 16 are advised not to go on a long fast without the consent and supervision of the parent.

It is advisable to drink fluid i.e. water, or hot drink if it is extremely cold in cases of fasting for more than half a day. If you drink tea of coffee you should consider extending the time of your fast.