Weekly Beatific – The Pot Of Stew


The Pot of Stew


Romans 8:28 New Living Translation (NLT)

And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


I am always amazed at the end result of a pot of stew. It starts with a medley of inedible ingredients: some dangerous to consume immediately, some that can cause irritation to your eyes, some of the ingredients are bitter, some slimy and oily and some that have opposite colours to each other. I am sure that if some of the ingredients had a voice, they would not want to be associated together.  There is also the blending that involves sharp and dangerous implements that have to crush them together and pound them into submission of unity whether they like it or not. To wrap the process up, the heat comes into the equation. This involves hot fire, and of all the preparation, it is the longest process. Yes the fire, the heat, is what makes all the ingredients bond to create something palatable. The heat melts all the ingredients together and the pot is the vessel that sits directly on the flame and holds the mixture together. Both the pot and the ingredients cannot escape the fire and although not a desirable part of the preparation, the ingredients and the pot have to endure the fire to produce a sweet smelling aroma and tasty savour.


There are a lot of negative ingredients in the natural that have to combine together to produce a pot of stew, but despite the negativity and the pain of the fire, there always comes a positive result. So also the Bible tells us that God weaves things together for our good, and Prov 16:33 explains that “even the events that seem accidental are ordered by God.”


Everyone likes the end product that is the pot of stew, but do not forget that it all started with ingredients that were inedible, unattractive, unco-operative and subjected to heat. In our lives the start might not look good, there is the possibility that there are people, situations, things that we would not want to relate or mix with, you might be going through the heat or fire right now that are making your life unbearable or inconvenient. Know for sure that things are working together in that pot for you so that your life and situation can come out smelling nice, tasting nice, and to be admired.


Keep the faith because, like a pot of stew, things are coming together for your good.


Have a lovely week.


Every Grace & Peace,

Apostle Kenny Adeshugba